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it can be hard to build a consistent audience on social media. Most people simply don’t have the time nor know how to use the potential of social networks effectively.

Result: Brands struggle with engagement, knowledge, awareness, and time management on social media, limiting their growth and potential ROI.

But don’t worry… ☺️

We offer you an individual proposal with a 100% personalized strategy.

Watch your community grow and build loyalty with new customers.

You delegate your social networks to a group of highly professionals. Together we will elevate your brand.

we Escale your social media and Grow Your sales through 100% organic reach and strategic content creation.

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Let’s Talk in Numbers


brands have trusted us to create content and social media strategies


is the average social media growth of our clients in the first 6 months


influencers and content creators are part of our Supernoba network


of our clients are satisfied with our work and would recommend us to other ambitious brands that want to elevate their business


countries represent the diverse locations our clients are based in, demonstrating Supernoba’s international reach


of combined experience across various social media platforms, marked by consistent growth and innovation

Our Services

Social Media Strategy

Establish & position your brand with personalized organic positioning strategies.

Grow and retain your community.

Content Creation

We create photographic, audiovisual, and graphic content that aligns with your brand (both professional and UGC – User Generated Content).

Enhance your brand’s value by using influencers and professional content creators.

Community Management

We ensure social media algorithms work in your favor, not against you.

We post, schedule, create hashtags, craft the copy, and respond to comments.

Our results speak for themselves



Marketing Directos


Personal Brands


Creative Strategist


Marketing Agencies


eCommerce Shops


Sotfware Apps




Financial Directors

How does it work?


powerful Strategy

βœ… We analyze your brand, its current positioning, and your target audience.

βœ… We study the market.

βœ… We create a strategy.

βœ… We set objectives.


Content Creation

βœ… Development of creative ideas.

βœ… We contact influencers and creators in line with your brand.

βœ… We detect trends.

βœ… Content creation.

βœ… Content editing.

βœ… We add music, subtitles, transitions…


Execution & Analysis

βœ… We upload and schedule monthly content.

βœ… We manage the audience.

βœ… We create a community.

βœ… We test and scale.

βœ… We implement strategies.

βœ… We monitor and adjust based on performance.

βœ… We analyze results, best posts, hashtags, videos…

Our partners

They already trust us…

Frequently Asked Questions

If it exists, we handle it! We specialize in Instagram and TikTok, but we also manage others like YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

A Supernova is an exploding star that releases a large amount of energy; it manifests itself by a significant increase in brightness intensity or by its appearance in a seemingly empty point in space.

We think it’s an excellent comparison to what we do:

βœ… We create content with viral potential.

βœ… We enhance the brand value.

βœ… We produce quality content.

βœ… We build loyal communities.

βœ… We increase brands’ reach and their online exposure.

Generally, we don’t work with just one service since our packs include everything, but it’s something we can discuss and customize. πŸ€“

And, we like to work fast πŸ¦„

Our team is specialized in organic growth and hacking the algorithm, without relying on paid advertisements.

In terms of influencer marketing, we collaborate with professional content creators, models, and influencers who resonate with your target audience. Our focus is not on the quantity of followers but on the quality of the content they produce. This approach often results in greater exposure than simply partnering with influencers based on their follower count.

We offer three packages tailored to meet the specific objectives and needs of each brand. For more information, please contact us to inquire about the details and pricing of each package.

Both! Whether you’re an individual or a company, if you want to expand in the world of social networks, Supernoba is here to help you out.

We work in Spanish and English as official languages.

The agency’s founder is Beatriz GarcΓ­a-Olalla, a Spanish content creator with +10 years of experience on social networks and +5 working with brands. You can visit her LinkedIn here.


Working with Supernoba has been a game-changer for our social media. Their team gets our vibe, keeping our profiles fresh and engaging with trendy content. The real-time analytics help us make smart decisions, and their friendly communication makes the whole process a breeze. Plus, they’ve helped us make our brand perfect! If you want to up your social media game and polish your brand, Supernoba is the way to go! Highly recommended!

-Nia and Steven (CEO & Director of Balinest Villas)

We have been with Supernaba for more than a year and it is the best decision we have made since our project began. The founder is super charming, the positive energy she transmits dazzles you. I never stop managing other stores and people asking who is washing the RRSS because they love the transformation. Without a doubt 100% recommended

– Maria (Fundadora de The Green Place)

I have relied on Supernova on multiple occasions for content creation on social media and advertisements. The service is highly personalized and offered at a very fair price. They are a comprehensive agency, providing a wide range of services, and communication with them is very smooth. They ask for what they need upfront, allowing you to relax and trust in their professional work.

– Alfred Juncadella (CEO of Clubia)

Our experience with Supernoba has been highly positive. Beatriz has a great aesthetic taste and has provided us with tailored proposals for our social media platforms that meet our needs. She has captured the essence of our project and helps us communicate it accurately to our clients. We are delighted with our collaboration with Supernova!

– Claudia Sotelo (Communication and Marketing at Ecocentro)

They developed a personalized strategy and it was super quick and effective. Based everything on real data. It was the perfect mix of analytical and creative. Our reels reached + 42k views when before Supernoba they didn’t even reach 200 views.

– Robert Kim (Founder The Farrah)

I started collaborating with Supernoba a month ago, and I am delighted with the service I have been receiving. My goal was to no longer worry about social media while being able to focus on my clients. Supernova has been managing all my social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and now Facebook. I would recommend them to anyone looking to take their brand to the next level.

– Wilfried Bamba (CEO of Will Stay Fit)

They did everything from content creation to posting, growth strategy and community management. Being a great influencer herself, she made each mission look so easy and got us awesome results. High proactivity and willingness to deliver great quality work

– Rodrigue (Co-Founder of BnGet)

We started with Supernoba with just 25k followers on Instagram and grew to over 50k followers in just six months. Additionally, they also assisted us in other aspects such as voice-over in videos, “modeling,” and editing. They are highly motivated and creative professionals in social media strategy management. I highly recommend Supernoba!

– Carlos de Ory (Founder of Eco Beach City)

Regarding the feedback on how it has been working these months with Supernoba, the balance is very positive, I think we have been able to manage the inconveniences that arose and the result of the challenge action, to be the first one we did, has been good.

– Julia Companys (Marketing & Trade Marketing Manager at Conca Organics)

Highly recommend Supernoba for those looking to fully delegate their social media management. They are professional, dedicated, and highly experienced. Our Instagram account has transformed dramatically. Our content, which previously struggled to reach 500 views, now consistently hits around 2k-10,000 views per reel. Initially, I was worried it might be a waste, but Supernoba quickly grasped our brand concept. They’ve also been instrumental in helping us at events, establishing successful partnerships and collaborations, and much more than just handling social media. It’s been totally worth it.

-Rasmus Holst (CEO & Founder of Coco Development)

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